Finally coming together

Regardless of how much my back still hurts or how many times Holden manages to shit his pants in a 24 hour period, the house is finally starting to look like a home and not an endless sea of boxes.

My biggest project has been the kitchen. Turning it from a hot mess into a retro heaven has been quite the task, especially since I don’t want to do ANYTHING permanent or that I can’t take with me when we eventually move. Learned my lesson on that last time! If I had all the money in the world, it would be no issue- but retro does NOT come cheap! I’ve spent something like a month now looking for 1950s diner items. Thrift stores, amazon, antique shops- you name it, i’ve scoured it, and always come back empty. The patent leather/vinyl chrome chairs were the missing piece to really bring the kitchen together. Not being able to find the damn things only made me want to find them even more- BUT- at the right price. people can kiss my ass if they think i’m gonna pay $100 for two chairs.

Well yesterday, during a random stop at a thrift store, there they were. Two floral printed, chrome and vinyl retro chairs. Not 1950s, but the closest i’m going to get right now- they are 1960s, and Thomas HATES them.

They even match the kitchen color theme! I figure i’ll keep looking for the right decade, and if I ever find them, i’ll sell these two chairs for more than I bought them for. I couldn’t pass up $20 a piece, total steal.

here’s what the rest of the kitchen looks like thus far:

I’m pretty happy with it so far, but there’s a LOT more work to be done to make it perfect.

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