The early morning boppy attack

Every morning when I wake up, instead of being greeted by the same familiar, mouth wide open, tired looking face, since we moved into this house I am greeted by something completely different instead.

It’s big. It’s soft. It’s covered in stripes. And on top of it is my ornery youngest child. I’m always puzzled by how it and my child end up next to me every single morning, it was a mystery until this weekend.

The object in question is the trusty, stinky old boppy; the one Parker was obsessed with for so long… and since we moved into the house and he has two floors to deal with has seemed to have lost interest in. Too much hassle to yank it up and down a flight of stairs I guess.

But somehow, every single morning, there it is in all its gross stripey glory, staring me in the face, attempting to smother me.

I thought for a while that maybe Parker was coming in early, getting in bed, and then thrashing around like he typically does, and Thomas got up to go and get it to settle Parker down and keep him from keeping us awake.

Over the weekend, I just so happened to wake up while all of this was taking place, since i’ve never witnessed it before.
I heard some shuffling from down the hallway, Thomas sound ass asleep next to me, and then I see Parker stumble into the room, boppy clutched in his arms, covering his face. He didn’t make a sound, just stood there waiting for someone to drag him up onto the bed, and sure enough, Thomas did. Plopped him down next to me (read: on me), thumb went in mouth, eyes instantly closed.

The mystery of the smothering boppy was solved. It would appear that the boppy obsession lives on. If the smell of sweat and drool would come out when I wash it, this repeat offense wouldn’t bother me so much. The smell is just offensive enough to ruin that last precious hour or so of sleep the boppy could give me every morning. I crave those extra precious minutes!

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