The day of Poops and tantrums

Well, when I thought the boys were having some trouble adjusting to the new house- I really underestimated just how much. Holy mother of God, i’m going to sell the both of them on Craigslist!!!

Last night during and after the blog, Parker got out of bed a total of 6 times. The last time so hysterical that I gave the hell up, brought him downstairs, and he eventually fell asleep on a pillow next to me.

The day today was full of hysterical tantrums, Parker refusing to let me put him down, and both kids shitting themselves. Holden being the absolute worst perpetrator on the face of the earth. Three times today alone (and three times yesterday). All THREE today he didn’t bother to tell me about. The third time, he decided to not only NOT tell me, but to smear shit ALL OVER HIS ROOM. The floor, his reading chair, the carpet in the hallway, the bathroom, his socks. Everywhere.

That one was so bad I had to strip him naked and throw him in the bathtub and spray his ass down because all the scrubbing in the world wasn’t removing it. And it was a cold shower, because STILL, for the 4th day in a row, the gas company has refused to come out and turn our gas on so we could take hot showers (and is now saying they have no open slots until MONDAY!!!!!). It was not a pleasant experience for anyone, and Holden left the crap in his crack for so long that it has completely irritated his skin and now he claims that wiping hurts. Sigh….

Currently as I type this, Parker is on the floor next to me, still calming down from a complete hysterical meltdown of epic proportions because for the 2nd night in a row, he is refusing to go to sleep in his room.

UGH!!! WHY?!?!? I really had not prepared myself for things to be this bad, and all the theatrics and hysterics are making my unpacking process TWICE as long. At this rate, we’ll be living out of boxes on a poop covered carpet for a year.
Kill me now.

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