Cute maternity wear

When I was pregnant, finding any clothing that was cute or well fitting was an incredibly hard task to accomplish. I always felt like I was wearing a tent, or my boobs just weren’t inflating big enough to match the size of my expanding stomach. Most of the time I ended up buying regular clothes in a bigger size- you can imagine how well that turned out.

After having two kids, finding maternity wear that I liked and that would fit me became a horrible frustrating game. With the stores in the area not working out for me, and the billions of websites out there that cater to pregnant women, I never knew where to turn. All I wanted was ONE cute pair of maternity jeans, shorts, something to fit my lower half and my huge hips, but I could never afford the amazingly cute things I found online. I always had to settle with the crappy stuff I found in stores, clearly not meant for the way I was growing.
Word to the wise: Splurge, just once. I know you’ll only be wearing it for 9 months (maybe more if you happen to get pregnant again in the same season), but being comfortable and feeling beautiful while you’re pregnant is important enough to make that one splurge VERY worthwhile.

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