And it gets worse

I know I talk about it a lot, but when you experience pain that makes living life normally impossible for over 3 weeks, it becomes all you can honestly focus on.

Yesterday during the afternoon was the closest i’d felt to normal since this whole thing began. It still hurt, but it wasn’t keeping me from doing anything, didn’t force me to sit down and take a 20 minute break to ice it into submission. Toward the end of the night it was hurting a little bit, but still nothing like it has been for weeks. I had high hopes that when I went to bed, I would wake up and FINALLY feel like myself again.

Remind me to stop getting my hopes up.
I woke up and felt worse than ever. Not the same way as usual though. Not the sharp radiating neck and back pain that had me laid out motionless for 2 days, but a deep pain all over my body. My chest, under my ribs, my back, my neck. A pain that was so deep and widespread that I literally felt like throwing up for hours. Not even my trusty sidekick the ice pack could help.

I have no damn idea what’s wrong with me. I feel like i’m falling the hell apart.
I have to go back to the doctor, I really don’t have any other choice at this point because the pain isn’t going away and i’m out of pain killers (not that they helped) and I honestly can NOT live with the pain anymore. It’s too much, and it’s taking away from time I could be spending with the kids doing things that are productive.


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