Aaaand back to the beginning

Well, after FINALLY starting to feel semi-normal when it comes to my back, I woke up with it in a serious pinch again.
COME ON!!! This is just getting ridiculous. My back and neck have been screwed up for 3 weeks now, I honestly feel like I will lose my damn mind if this continues for much longer.
Thank god, it’s not as bad as the first or the second time I did it, but all day I had to walk like I had a board down my pants because I was so terrified of totally messing it up again and spending two days practically motionless on the couch. I already feel totally disgusting, not having been able to exercise this entire time, it cannot continue!!!!!

Not only did I go back to square one, but Holden did, too. Back to crapping himself constantly. You move to a new house, loving that you have new spaces to fill, but MY space?? my space is smelled with the smell of POOP and dirty underwear!!

I’m so over it and the attitude that comes along with it. You know he’s shit himself when he tells you to get away from him, or when he locks his legs at the knees and shuffles through the house.
I am THISCLOSE to putting the kid in diapers just to teach him a lesson. The pads, sadly, are not enough to contain the poo anymore. It’s also tempting to put him in the netted underwear they make you wear after you give birth with the table cloth sized pad… I actually found some of those in the back of a closet before we moved, now I am CURSING myself for not saving them!

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