9 days

I never thought I would actually see the day, but Parker seems to finally be off of baby food. He went cold turkey on it 9 days ago.

On a typical Friday, i’ll make Holden a “special” lunch, which consists of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Every other day he gets turkey, just because it’s healthier, but his absolute hands down favorite is pb&j, so once a week that’s what he gets. In a last second decision, I decided to make Parker a sandwich too, not that he’d ever eaten it before, but I thought i’d give it a shot to see what would happen.

Sure enough, he dug in and ate the whole thing. That combined with veggies, tomatoes, crackers, pickles, cheese and bacon bits (his favorite), and he definitely didn’t need any baby food to top it off, he’d finally eaten enough on his own to put it aside.

Ever since then, he’s been eating what I like to call “real people food”, and absolutely refusing the baby food. It’s like it finally hit him that baby food is the vile and disgusting thing that it is and wants nothing to do with it anymore. Not that getting him to eat enough table food every meal has been easy, but now with his deep seeded hatred of baby food coming into play, I use it as a threat.

Oh, you don’t wanna eat your sandwich? Don’t make me get the baby food! And as soon as that statements rolls off of my tongue, he’s shoving real people food into his mouth in order to avoid getting a spoonful of nasty.

The biggest surprise has been how he’s taken to meat. Chicken specifically. He has NEVER liked meat. A couple of weeks ago it was safe to say that he hated it. Either you couldn’t even get it into his mouth, or if you did, he’d spit it right back out. For the past week, every time we’ve had chicken, he’s eaten it too. And this morning he ate eggs- which you might argue is technically chicken as well. He still won’t go near lunch meat or beef, but i’m pretty happy with the change thus far. I don’t really give a flying fart what he eats, as long as it isn’t pureed puke in a jar.

Best news of the whole thing though? Since dropping the baby food from his diet, Parker has gained 6 ounces. That’s more in a week than he’s gained in over a month; maybe he will finally chunk up the way he’s probably always supposed to have been- or at least enough to not make his head look so gigantic on his skinny little body.

Fingers crossed that by writing this blog I have not once again jinxed myself, and come tomorrow, will be cracking open a jar of the not-good stuff.

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