2’s got nothin’ on 4.

I thought the hushed reverent tones and soft whispers when it came to the age of four being an absolute nightmare were somewhat of an urban legend; an old myth that had no real bearing.
After the screaming infant stage, the terrible twos, the torturous threes… it just doesn’t seem fair to stick a Mom with yet ANOTHER year of tantrums and brattiness. We moms deserve another break than the one bed time brings… if we’re lucky enough for our kids to go to sleep and stay asleep.

I feel as though I got some sort of reprieve with Holden over the past few years. We had months of him screaming for 7 hours a night due to reflux as an infant, so the Gods must have smiled on our household, because he never went through any of the evil stages other kids did. No terrible twos, he was a pleasure to be around. He potty trained easily (minus the regression after Parker), didn’t have much of an attitude, ate well and slept great. Threes weren’t bad either. I often got compliments that Holden was the sweetest and most polite child that people had ever encountered.

As the year of three wore on, that fabulous polite demeanor he had appeared to go flying out the window. The closer Holden gets to four, the worse his attitude gets. He is a pod-child, the grown version of a poddler; back talking, screaming, whining, and all with a large vocabulary.

Everything now with him is a fight. EVERYTHING. He argues about everything, the tiniest thing is the end of the world and he acts as though the sky is falling. He wants to do everything, and if you don’t let him, he screams. He poops during what is supposed to be nap time and then hides it in his closet, under his bed, or wrapped up in blankets. He seems to be in a perpetual time out most days, and now once you send him to his room, he has started screaming in a way that sounds like a possessed cat.

The Gods seem to think that they left me off too easily and are now paying me back in spades.

I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t know what to do with the kid anymore- I want to scream!

I’m not used to the amount of attitude seeping out of his pores, and when coupled with Parker doing the normal terrible 2 thing… most days I feel like tearing my hair out of my scalp and making a voodoo hair doll of myself to put me out of my own misery.

Now i’m sort of wishing i’d stuck Holden in preschool just to get him out of this house for any amount of time during the day… but i’m pretty sure if the kid is crapping himself, that wouldn’t fly too well in preschool, where they insist a child does NOT do things like that.

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