Yay! Wait… not so fast

At around noon today, I finished the hard copy editing of my book. I almost stood up and cheered for joy, but the smack of reality held me down. Although the hard copy is done (which is the printed out version of the book which I hand edited), the editing in itself is NOT. I still have to transcribe every single edit I wrote into it. Every little typo, incorrect comma usage, removing and adding of sections and sentences and phrases, ALL of those have to be put into the computer file.

It’s a LOT of work. Sure, the hard part is done- but the constant scrolling, backspacing, typing, entering, scrolling, backspacing, typing and entering is a tedious and evil task in itself.

When I started the book back in January, NEVER did I imagine that I would still be editing in July. I definitely did not understand just how long this process would be, how much time i’d have to sink into it. I honestly thought it would take me a handful of months and would be off to the presses. Clearly I was mistaken.

I want to make sure the book is exactly what I want it to be. That it gets across the message i’m aiming for. That it’s funny, but also insightful. That the blog posts flow with the story i’m telling- and that’s been tough to do.

Even at a conservative estimate, I don’t think the book will be completely finished for another 2 months. Once I go in and make all 300 pages worth of edits, I then have to format the chapters, make the index, and design the front and back covers. 2 more months means the entire book writing process will equal out to an 8 month process.

I am DYING for this to be done! It will be an enormous weight off of my shoulders… but then the stress of how well it will do in the self publishing scene will come crashing down on me. I know the majority of my friends and family will buy a copy- but what about after that? Will ANYONE buy it? And will anyone LIKE it?
I need to just take this one step at a time or i’ll stress myself into more wrinkles and gray hairs- neither of which I need more of.

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