Winter and summer sports

Since the 2nd grade, when I spiral fractured my left tibia, I have never participated in winter sports EVER again. I think i’m just too paranoid.This has slowly bled over to summer beach sports as well. Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding… anything where my legs are involved and could be broken, i’ve never wanted to take part in. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to!
I grew up wanting to be a surfer girl. We vacationed in Florida every summer where I learned to surf (never very well) and I watched my older cousins masterfully wakeboard. I always wanted to learn how, but after my… ahem… incident, never wanted to risk the pain of a break again. None of my cousins ever broke a single bone wakeboarding, I never seem to be so lucky.

I may not like sports, and I may fear for my leg, but I am a serious adrenaline junky, and it just looks like so much fun. And the gear isn’t half bad either.
I just spent a little time browsing a evo wakesurf shop and wishing I had gotten into it in my younger years before fear took over. And wishing the sun didn’t hate my skin so much.
I even read some pages to learn wakesurfing tips, just in case I ever get the urge to suck it up and go for it.

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