When will it EVER stop?

I had high hopes when I woke up this morning that I would feel at least somewhat normal, able to accomplish SOMETHING throughout the course of the day… and those hopes were shattered.
My neck is screwed.

While I am now able to stand up straight instead of crippled over like Quasimodo, I am still in too much pain to stand for any substantial period of time.

I am now concerned about our move. Not enough is packed yet, and who the hell knows if i’m going to be able to help do ANYTHING, which will be detrimental. Not that I can really lift extremely heavy things to begin with, but to have my extra hands to help haul boxes would make things move much more quickly, especially since we only have help on Saturday, and all of our utilities here will be cut off on that day… and with the heat in the 90s, there’s no way we can stay once all of those things are turned off.

At this point I feel like nothing short of a horse tranquilizer is going to make me feel anything close to normal… and I don’t think anyone is freely handing those out.

Lying around doing absolutely nothing all day isn’t a choice when during the daytime hours I am the sole caretaker of both of my brats, so i’ve had to push through mundane daily chores, and have quite possibly prolonged the healing process for another day… maybe another day and another day. Last time this happened, by now, I was at least able to function, even if it hurt, I could still pack boxes if I moved VERY slowly. I can’t even do that now.

I am currently hating life. After moving, I might just curl up and die.

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