We’re going to do this AGAIN?

Since we moved into this house, it’s seemed to bring us NOTHING but misery and bad luck.

First it was with the company who claimed they would sell it to us. Turns out, they never owned it, and therefore never had the right to sell it to ANYONE. The people who actually owned it reneged on the deal, which meant that the company we were renting through (rent-to-own) pocketed our cash and refused to give it back, and we were out ten thousand dollars.

From there, we found out the real owners of the house were just pocketing our cash instead of paying the mortgage- so the bank foreclosed on it right out from under us. At that point the house was up in the air. It went to auction, but no one bought it, so the bank had no choice but to buy it back. There was a strong possibility we’d be out on our asses.
Instead, they came back and decided to rent it to us for a year.

A few months later, they came back and reneged on that deal. We were stuck in a month to month contract with no idea when they would decide to give us the boot. They were supposed to get the house appraised so that they could list it and show it while we were still living here, but at the last second, they decided NOT to get it appraised.

That was the last thing we heard until today. We got a letter from the bank telling us they were “terminating” our contract, reasons unknown, and now we have 60 days to vacate.

Of course, attempting to call the people in charge got us nowhere, because they NEVER answer their phones. So now we’re left sitting here wondering if this was some horrible mistake, or if we’re going to really have to find somewhere to live before the 60 days are up.

And this comes at the worst time. The company Thomas is working at is NOT doing well, and is forcing him (and everyone else)  to take a 10% pay cut starting this month. We can not afford to move somewhere else. To have to put down a deposit would financially kill us.

I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do if we finally get a hold of these rat bastards and find out that this is NOT some horrible mistake. I don’t know where we’ll go, because even with a quick scan of the rental listings right now, everything that isn’t in the serious ghetto is well out of our price range.

I feel sick about this situation. This house is cursed. I’m very very worried, and I don’t know what else to say about it other than that.

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