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We are almost there! The closing arguments are finished, and the jury has been busy deliberating. The time has finally come. Justice for Caylee, and time for Casey Anthony to face her fate. No more people lying for her, no more fake stories to weave. This is the end.

As you all know, I have never bought anything the defense has attempted to sell. Before the trial even started, I believed Casey to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Not a single doubt in my mind.

Baez’s “baffle them with bullshit” defense has always rubbed me the wrong way. Contradictory, flimsy, clearly not truth. All that being said, his closing argument was the best day he had yet- but ONLY because he was the only one talking and didn’t have a witness on the stand to turn on him when the prosecution cross examined them.
Most of the time, I couldn’t even follow him. He was all over the place, he yelled, his voice cracked, he whined, he pointed the finger EVERYWHERE but at Casey, just like Casey has done her entire life.
I felt the only truth in his entire closing argument was in his Freudian slip: “The truth STOPS here.” Oops.

My concern was that his confusion technique would work on the jury. The waters would get so muddied that they wouldn’t be able to make heads from tails, and for that reason would have no choice but to vote not guilty. I knew the prosecution absolutely had to hit it out of the park today… and man did they ever.

Linda Drane Burdick absolutely scored a home run. She delivered the most compelling and sincere closing argument I have ever heard. Instantly my concerns of muddied waters and confused jurors went out the window. She tied everything up into a nice little package, with the gift receiver being the baby killer Casey Anthony.

While I know from all i’ve read and researched that there is a HELL of a lot more to the story and motive behind Caylee’s death, I feel the state attorneys did an amazing job in painting a picture of a pathological liar who didn’t want to be burdened with a child that she saw as nothing more than a pet and a bother.

Regardless of media hype about jurors who those looking for ratings would appear to be pro-defense, I have faith they will do the right thing. And I have a feeling the verdict will come in tomorrow.

Not that Casey Anthony will care. She will sit there like the petulant brat she is, shaking her head and mouthing “this is fucked.” It seems that she thinks she is not the one on trial, but a paralegal for her defense team. Casey land will be an ugly place once the verdict is handed down.

In the end, this is about justice for Caylee! And it WILL happen.

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