So much happened today that i’d love to tell you about.

The boys never ending slap fight.
The letter we got from preschool saying Holden was accepted but only at this address, so he may not be able to go since we’re getting the boot.
The beginning of my packing experience and the major fail it was.
The meeting with two more lawyers today that may bring good things for our future concerning this BS house situation.

Yes, all of those things I would love to go into detail about, but at dinner I tweaked my back yet again, and now I can’t even really look at the screen without searing pain, or move from this awkward position i’m sitting in, in order to prevent than searing pain- so none of those things I will be writing tonight.

Instead, i’m going to sit here and whine until I can hopefully get tired enough to fall asleep, and hopefully wake up and be functional again.

You know you’re getting old when you screw up your back playing with your kid.

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