Tweaked and boogered

The last thing I wanted or needed with a tweaked out neck was for Parker to wake up multiple times throughout the night screaming for reasons unknown.

We’ve thought for the past week that maybe he’s teething, and he’s constantly pointing to his mouth, but I can’t see any action happening in there when he lets me get a good look. After a dose of tylenol (and puking in Thomas’ hand after a failed attempt at orajeling the back of his mouth), he was finally out for the night.

I awoke this morning to find my neck NOT feeling a single bit better, and to two kids with snot dripping from their noses.
Since Holden rolled his happy ass around in grass clippings yesterday and then both he and I sneezed uncontrollably for an hour, I thought perhaps he was having some sort of allergy attack. Wouldn’t be totally unusual or unheard of.

He kept complaining that he was “choking” but his choking to me was more like coughing, and the longer the day went, the more he coughed. And the longer the day went, the more snot that Parker got covered in.

When the boogers did not cease, I decided it was time to pull out the thermometer. Parker’s temperature was 99.1, and Holden’s was 101- Great! They’re sick! That explains the snotting and the extreme whininess.

Me with a tweaked out neck, and two sick kids. What a fine crew we made today!
It was clear that dinner was going to be a totally lost cause, so we decided just to order chinese food and veg out. They may be sick, but it sure didn’t effect their appetites.

I imagine tonight is going to be another long night or “choking” and boogering and multiple wakings. We’re already on #4 and it isn’t even 9:30pm.

The crappiest things always happen right before a big event. Screwed my shoulder up before vacation, and now screwed my neck up before moving. I guess this gives me an excuse not to pack.

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