T-minus 16 days

Well, now we don’t have to worry about finding a place to live anymore, today we went and looked at a place and within an hour had decided we wanted to move in.

Remember last night when I wrote about the old man with the 4 bedroom house, and had worried the house was just as old as he sounded? Well, he’s 84, and incredibly nice…. and the house IS pretty old looking. The kitchen is straight out of the 70s, and he’s repainting the entire interior, it’s two stories, has a nice back yard, behind that is the elementary school Holden will eventually go to (if we stay for longer than a year). We have a lovely view of their two HUGE playsets. The carpet upstairs looks brand new, but the carpet downstairs needs to be cleaned.

Either way, it meets all of the criteria of a rental home for us. Since it isn’t our “forever home” we can let a lot of the little things slide (bile yellow kitchen counter tops being one of those).

It’s large, it has more than 3 bedrooms, it’s in a nice area with a good elementary school on a quiet road in a nice subdivision. The rent is slightly above what we were hoping to pay, but it’s a deal for the size of the house.

When we met the owner, I think we instantly took to each other. He loved that I am a stay at home mom, we loved his sense of humor and the fact that he is just looking for a family who really deserves to live in such a big house for a small price. He told us straight up that out of everyone who had been interested, we were his favorite.

We can stay for a year, we can stay for a few years, however long we need. We can paint if we so choose (he liked the idea of us adding value to the home, just like we did to this one), and he isn’t interested in credit scores. Just reliable people. Reliable people being us.

We move on the 1st of August, 16 days from today! That is NOT a lot of time to get everything in order, get packed up, and move the hell out.
I am definitely concerned about the rent amount, because it is on the VERY top end of what we were looking at, but I am hoping and praying Thomas lands a new job, and once he does, the monthly rent will not be painful to pay at all.

The only downside at first was the kitchen. It’s big, but it’s pretty damn ugly. We’ve done a lot of work on a “rental” before only to be kicked out, so there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to CHANGE the kitchen without sinking a lot of money into it… and then it hit me: RETRO. I’m going to deck it out in 50’s diner style, it will look amazing. No longer is the kitchen a detriment, but now it’s an exciting project. If only I could afford retro furniture. You’d think old shit would be cheap- WRONG!

Forever home? No. Great temporary rental? Absolutely. I still dream of our dream home… but this will be good for the time being.

Now to get organized and pack…. put me out of my misery now!

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