Stinky kid

It’s no secret: kids smell. Once they lose that “new baby smell” the other smells begin to take over your house. Pee, poop, baby spit up, as a parent you become accustomed to all of these things constantly permeating the air around you.
Kids burp, they fart, they eat things and then leave the crust on their face because they can never adequately wipe it off- they are gross little creatures… but it all becomes normal.

Parker on the other hand is his own brand of stinky. I’m never really sure what it is, but the kid ALWAYS smells bad. Especially his head.

The only reason I can find behind the extreme stench he gives off is the amount he sweats. He is almost always sweaty, and almost always only under his hair. He runs around the house and works up a sweat, he sleeps and he has beads of sweat all over his head- and then once it dries, he absolutely WREAKS. It’s disgusting. There is no specific word I can describe to specifically describe the smell that comes off of him- but I can’t stand it! It’s awful!

He has become the stinky kid, and I don’t know what to do to make it stop! It’s an overwhelming pungent musky smell that is constantly wafting off of him. You can’t kiss him, can’t snuggle his head, can’t even get near him without smelling it- it’s that strong.

I worry for his highschool years. I knew many kids, that no matter how often they showered or how much deodorant they used, they ALWAYS smelled. One received the moniker “Stinky Rob”- I do NOT want Parker to be “Stinky Parker”- it would make dating nearly impossible.

What to do?? How do I make the smell stop? I can’t exactly stop his SCALP from sweating, so what options are there?
Most kids you can get near and smell the baby shampoo and fall in love with that clean hair smell… not Parker. Trust me, it’s that bad. It’s so bad the smell wipes off ON you, and then you end up smelling like his sweaty scalp all day. Totally disgusting.

Does anyone else have a stinky headed toddler??

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