A sprained neck?

Today my neck and back pain got to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore. It’s been over 8 days, and instead of the pain going away, it’s just spreading around and coming back at me in different forms. Aching, sharp, stiff, all of the above; it’s terrible. I had planned on just toughing it out, but enough is enough.

As much as I didn’t want to, I had to go to the doctor, boys in tow. Never a fun time, especially for someone who can’t look to the left or up.

After a short exam, I was told i’d be getting a shot in the ass of anti-inflammatory drugs, and “if nothing else, it should take the edge off.”
Not that i’m a drug junky, but I thought, WHAT ABOUT MY PAIN?? I don’t want the edge taken off, I want it GONE!

Then it was time for Xrays, where I had to hold my neck in positions that felt absolutely terrible, meanwhile, the shot in the ass was burning but not taking any of the edge away like I was told it would.

When I went back to the room, the boys, who had been running wild, were sitting on the floor with a nurse coloring. Why do they have to be angels for everyone BUT me?
The doctor came back in and asked whose children they were… He assumed I was the babysitter! What the…

Anyways. He told me I have a sprained neck. He prescribed a muscle relaxer and a pain killer, and told me in no uncertain terms that I am NOT to help move this weekend. Fabulous. We have hardly anyone to help as it is, and now not even I can do anything.
He also gave me a note for work. I asked who I was supposed to give it to, as I am a stay at home mother. I attempted to pass it to the kids, don’t ask me for anything!!!
The nurses told me to give it to Thomas. Psh, as if that’s going to work!

You would think that after a shot in the ass, a muscle relaxer, and a 600mg ibuprofen that i’d be flying high right now. You think wrong. I feel NOTHING, and not in the good way. Absolutely no difference in my pain level whatsoever. How is this possible??
I’m sitting here contemplating taking another pain killer 2-4 hours before i’m supposed to, because it’s ridiculous to me that i’m still in so much pain. What was even the point of going to the damn doctor if the treatment doesn’t help??

To add to this strange day, we got a letter in the mail from the property management company in charge of this house. Fannie Mae wants to rent it to us! (that was laced with sarcasm.)
I think this is some kind of computer error. Our house was transferred over to a different branch of property management. My best guess would be that they didn’t get the memo that Ms. Fannie wants us to GTFO.
It also said in the letter they would offer cash for keys.

Look, i’m not thinking about staying. As much work as I put into this house, it is CURSED, and I want OUT. Still, if it comes to be true that they would be willing to rent to us, it would really burn my ass. At the same time, it would be nice to have some cash while the boot is still firmly planted up our butts on the way out the door.
Not that I think it will ACTUALLY happen, but if we have it in writing… isn’t it a little more likely they we can hold them to it?

On another side note, before we move we have to transfer over all of our utilities. Everything was fine and dandy until it came to Verizon, who prides themselves on having an “easy transfer of service.”
yeah, not when we called them! No openings until August 20th. The chick on the phone said she would talk to her manager because she realized that was completely unreasonable and would call us back… wouldn’t ya know it- she never did.
I had Thomas call them today and tell them if they didn’t hook up our damn service ASAP, we’d switch right back to Cox.
Guess who’s working on Sunday when they don’t usually work Sundays?

A strange day this has been indeed.

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