Similar to giving birth

Today while finally feeling almost 95% after tweaking my neck on Tuesday, the unthinkable happened… I did it again. Was in the bathroom with Holden, waiting for him to stop farting around and do his business, turned to look at him over my shoulder and felt a pull. Instantly I knew my neck was fucked yet again. Sharp searing pain shot across my shoulders and down my back.
Once I regained my composure, I realized that not only was my neck tweaked again, but it was WORSE than the last time. WORSE!

We had so much to do today. Trying to finish packing, getting the things we’re going to need for the new house, and I couldn’t do a damn bit of it. Completely out of commission.

No matter how I sat, laid, or propped myself up, I could not manage to feel even slightly human. It is the most unbearable and continuous pain I have felt since giving birth… but even that only lasted a handful of hours!

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with my neck and back. Twice in under a week? That can’t be normal. Does my body think it’s 20 years older than I actually am? Did I seriously mess something up in there?
This can’t continue! I am moving in less than a week and I NEED to be mobile.

it may be time to visit a chiropracter… because 3 advils extra strengths later and a boiling hot water bottle on my back and it the edge hasn’t even been taken off.

I am miserable. I might just go to bed to have SOME sort of break from the pain.

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