Set in stone

It’s official. After chatting for a while and having the boys completely tear apart our new landlords house, we forked over a ridiculous amount of money (to me anyways)and were then handed the keys to our new house.

That definitely makes things official- not that I thought it would fall through before we signed the lease, but with our luck one never knows what might happen.

I’ve been holding off starting the packing process not just for that reason, though. I hold off on packing for as long as possible EVERY time we move…. because I loathe it. I’m not good at organizing, I don’t know how to wrap fragile things, I never have enough boxes, or know even what really NEEDS to be put in a box.

After the disaster that became our last two moves, I know it’s a necessary evil that needs to be done sooner rather than later- but I still DO NOT WANT TO DO IT. I keep strategizing in my mind where I could start, what could go into boxes now that we don’t need and what could go later, where I would put the boxes so the kids won’t tear them apart… but I never actually follow through.

Packing.. Moving… Unpacking.. why must it be such a hellish process?

And why does the whole hellish process have to turn my almost 4 year old into a total monster? he seems excited for the move and to have a new house (and genuinely seemed to like the house), but it appears that under the surface it has taken a toll on him because even now at 10pm he is screaming in his bed about nothing at all, and making it nearly impossible for me to get this blog written.

How awful is he going to act once we get moved in and he refuses to sleep in his new room?

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