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Once I get something in my mind, there’s no getting rid of it. If there’s one thing I can say about myself, it’s that I never do anything half assed.

Now that I know I want our “new” kitchen to be retro, I want it all! I want it all, but I don’t want to go broke doing it. I want it to look like a 50s diner, with the chrome finished diner table, retro colors and decorations, the works. The problem is finding any of these things for a decent price. I figured out that for wall decorations, I can use old colorful bundt pans. I’ve seen a picture online and it looks awesome- and the greatest part about it is that you can get old pans from thrift stores for under 2 bucks a piece.

The table on the other hand is proving to be a bit more of a problem. I’ve scoured the internet and the local thrift stores, and either find nothing, or find things WAY out of the range i’m willing to pay. We need a kitchen table. The one we have currently, you can’t eat at. It sucks, and I hate it. We eat our meals on the living room floor. I know that sounds awful, but it’s sort of become tradition… Still, it would be nice to have a table to all sit down at. Even if not for meals, to color and do crafts and other things at. I don’t want to pay $300 for a table and 4 chairs though, and ANY used one I can find is more than twice the price of a brand new one. It makes no sense! I honestly thought I could score a used table for $100, maybe $150- definitely didn’t expect to see $300 and above price tags everywhere I look.

I’ve gotten some great designing tips from friends, but i’m always looking for more. I’m especially looking for suggestions on where the hell to get my retro dream table on the cheap. So help! I’ll bake you cookies in my old, but NOT retro oven.

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