Our last night

It’s hard to believe that tonight is our final night in this house. A house that was meant to be our HOME, and not just temporary, will soon be vacant, and some time in the future, will be someone else’s home. All of the work, the time spent, the life events, will be left behind, only to move on as memories.

It’s finally starting to hit me, as everything is getting packed into boxes, and with the EXTREME amount left to do that I haven’t been able to get to thanks to my neck, that this is it.

I like our new house, but it takes me a long time for ANY place to feel like home. It’s going to be weird sleeping in a new room, and for the boys to sleep in a new room. To have two levels instead of one, two bathrooms instead of one, a BACK yard to play in instead of only a front, to not live on a busy corner… to have ALL white walls.

How will it feel? What will it look like with our stuff in it? How will the boys like it? Will they adjust well? How well does the air conditioner work, because it is HOT outside?
I have so many questions!

I’m nervous about tomorrow, I just have NO idea how it will go. And I won’t be home for part of it. As selfish as it may be, I have put off and missed my hair appointment far too many times and tomorrow was the ONLY appointment I could get until mid to late August, so I had to take it. A few days later, we found out we’d be moving on that day. I could cancel it, and reschedule for much later, but then I might be tempted to shave my head because my hair is making me INSANE. So tomorrow morning, someone else will be watching the boys. No one has watched Parker since he was an infant. How will he do with all of his issues and his potty training?

I got new pain meds from the doctor since after giving them a chance, the ones I was originally prescribed did absolutely NOTHING, so i’m feeling a little better, but i’m still not allowed to help… and this house NEEDS help. I fully believe that had I not gotten hurt, this house would have been completely packed up and ready to go a week ago. Life always seems to shit on me in cases such as this and times like these.
I’m hoping that once we’re out of this place, the curse will be lifted, and our life will finally be GOOD again.

Cross your fingers! it’s going to be a LONG day… and i’ll most likely either have to mobile blog tomorrow evening, or not blog at all. We’ll see.

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