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I went to bed early last night, hoping to get a reprieve from the tension in my neck and back, and it ended up being a huge mistake. I laid awake for two hours, and once I did finally fall asleep it didn’t last long. Tossed and turned all night, and woke up feeling even more stiff and just as bad as the day before.
it felt like my entire body was strapped to a board. No turning left or right, no quick movements, nothing. After a couple of hours I started to think that maybe having one of those foam neck braces would be awfully nice to have. The weight of my head on my neck often became too much to bear and I literally ended up holding my head up with my hands just to relieve some of the weight. It was either that, or lie down- neither of which was comfortable.

Thomas stayed home today… not to help me of course, but because he needed to get new tires. He helped out, but he wasn’t pleased about it. Yes, because I screwed up my neck on PURPOSE just to force you to stay home and break up fights between kids and usher Parker to the potty every 30 minutes! My devious plan, it’s working!

The only upsides to today was that Parker had a GREAT speech therapy appointment. Our therapist was incredibly impressed by him. I have to wonder how well he would have done had I actually been mobile enough to really complete all of the tasks and assignments I was supposed to be doing all week. That, and I sold something i’d listed on Craigslist- another $20 in my pocket that will no doubt go toward the new house.

All I can honestly think about is all the things I SHOULD be doing. For a week i’ve been basically sitting on my ass unable to do any kind of strenuous activity… feeling fatter than ever and probably gaining weight- plus the days until the move dwindling down quickly, and the amount of things left to pack- THAT is what I should be doing… and I can’t do either… and it’s killing me!
I don’t like the thought of it being the day of the move and throwing shit into boxes in an extremely rushed manor and never being able to find them again.

For ONCE can I be organized?

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