Not a fan of fireworks

Sorry for the non-blog last night.

We took the boys to the Zoo yesterday morning after we found out just how cheap tickets were, and because we needed to travel to that area anyways to pay our rent (even though I feel like we shouldn’t have to now that we’re getting the boot for no reason). After that, we decided it would be a good idea to take the boys to see the fireworks at Busch Gardens. They have fireworks every night during the summer, and we figured that by going on the 2nd, we’d beat the 4th of July crowds, so there wouldn’t be a huge crowd getting in and out like there would be on the actual holiday.

Not the case. It was INSANELY crowded. So crowded that it took us over an hour just to get out of the parking lot. So crowded that the line for the tram back to the area we parked in was mind numbingly long. We decided to walk, not knowing just how long the walk would be. It was LONG, and it was hot. I attempted to blog from the parking lot once we got back into our car and had to wait in long lines to get out, but my stupid phone refused to connect so that didn’t happen. We didn’t get home until after 11pm.

Back to the point at hand. I figured the boys would LOVE fireworks. Neither have ever seen them before, so I knew there was a chance that the HUGE booming sounds would scare them, but the light display seems right up their alley.
I was only correct when it came to Holden. After being startled, he watched them intently, excitedly even.
Parker on the other hand buried his face in Thomas’ shoulder and cried…. the entire time. I’m sad about it! I can’t remember ever being afraid of fireworks, but I guess Parker is just that age where exploding fire in the sky is the most terrifying thing on earth.

Maybe next year? And maybe next year, we’ll wait until AFTER the 4th of July to go see fireworks. Hopefully that would alleviate the crowd problem. Ugh.

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