NO justice for Caylee Anthony

I am in a state of shock and utter disbelief.

Casey Anthony, NOT GUILTY of all top charges. Only found guilty of lying to police. It’s unreal.

How a jury can sit there and be shown a mountain of evidence and not find her guilty of ANYTHING having to do with the death of Caylee blows my mind. I can’t fathom it, and I don’t know if I want to try, because I don’t think the answer will ever be satisfying to me.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Casey killed Caylee, NO DOUBT, but even if a jury couldn’t comprehend or agree with premeditation, I don’t understand how they couldn’t find her guilty of even manslaughter, or culpable negligence. Nothing.

I’m sad and i’m angry, and I don’t know how to get past it. I know that tomorrow I will wake up and go about my life as normal, but I got attached to this case, and I grew to love Caylee even though I never met her- and now her death will be nothing more than a blip on the radar.

It’s likely that when sentencing on Thursday comes along, and I don’t know that I can stomach to watch it, Casey Anthony will be a free woman.

We just witnessed someone literally get away with murder today. It is a sad, sad day.

This one’s for you Caylee.

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