New specs for a cause

A little known fact: I have terrible eyesight! I have no idea why, maybe from years of staring at a crappy computer monitor, maybe just from heredity, but I can not see things at a distance without either prescription glasses, or squinting like the sun is hitting me directly in the eyes.

I’m always apprehensive about going to get new glasses because I am so indecisive, and there never seems to be anything that totally matches my face and my style. Plus, they’re expensive!

Recently I came across a website that seems to fit me quite perfectly. The glasses are a little on the pricey side, but MAN are they stylish, not to mention, every pair of glasses that are bought from them, they in turn donate a pair of glasses to someone in need. Did you know that one BILLION people are in need of prescription glasses that don’t have access to them? It’s a staggering number. I remember what it was like to not be able to see, it’s a totally different world once you get a prescription that makes everything much more clear- and everyone should be able to see the world that way.

Warby Parker  has stylish glasses, every style you can imagine, even polarized prescription sunglasses. I covet many of the frames on that site. I’ve been in a serious retro phase lately, and they are for sure catering to that obsession. Horn rimmed glasses here I come!
My glasses haven’t been strong enough for quite some time, not to mention they’re bent, so it’s about time I get something that actually works and that I am proud to sport on my face, don’t you think?

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