A man of few words

Since starting speech therapy, we’ve been working with Parker on having to make sounds when he wants something instead of grunting or pointing or whining. It’s been a little difficult since he’s never really had to make any specific sound for any specific item, but he’s slowly picking up on it.
We’ve got “puh” for please, “Mmmmmuh” for milk, and other things similar. A lot of consonants, not a lot of vowels. He hasn’t grasped yet that he has to string those two things together in order to say a word.

You would think that vowels would be the easiest sounds to make, but for Parker they seem to be the hardest.

It’s weird because I see so much similarity in the boys, but when it comes to food and speech they are polar opposites. Holden was already speaking up a storm by the age Parker is now, and Parker only has ONE word. And with that one word (if you can even consider it that), even though their level of speech is so different, you can see just how alike they are.

Holden’s first word? Bunghole. Yes, bunghole. I don’t know WHERE he got it from, it’s not as if we watch Beavis and Butthead, and I personally haven’t uttered the word since the 7th grade, so to hear that come from a 6 month old’s mouth was rather strange- but that’s Holden. A weird little kid.

Parker’s first and only word? YEEHAW! To hear a child that never speaks any real words run around the house yelling “YEEHAW” on a daily basis is another strange moment in my parenting experience.

I guess it’s also proof that the kid CAN string together consonants and vowels if he really wants to- but it seems like he’s content just grunting like a caveman most days.

I’m curious and anxious to see what his next word will be- it’s bound to be interesting.

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