Let the stress commence

Throughout this entire housing debacle, i’ve been unusually optimistic. I knew it would be hard to swing because of the fact that we have so much crap to move and two kids, the higher rental payments of the available houses in the area, and the astronomical deposit amount- but I knew in the end it would be for the best. We wouldn’t be in a cursed house anymore, we’d probably have more room and no leaky windows, and hopefully wouldn’t be jerked around so often. It would be peace for at least a year.

After today, my sunny disposition has dwindled to nothing.

You see, Thomas’ company is tanking, fast. They’re laying people off left and right, and the only other person in Thomas’ department just put in his two weeks (getting out before the ship fully capsizes). One would think that with all the people leaving, especially in Thomas’ department and with no plans to hire anyone else in- meaning Thomas would have 4 peoples jobs on himself, that they would increase his pay to accomodate all the extra work. And that’s what Thomas was sort of counting on, I sort of knew better. They’ve been crapping on him since day one. Today we found out that I was unfortunately right. No pay increase. They are giving him the tiniest bonus known to man… and spreading it out across the next 3 quarters. Lovely.

That is when the panic set in. I had hoped he would land one of the jobs he’s been hearing from and interviewing for, but we haven’t heard anything back yet. That doesn’t mean he won’t be getting them, but it has started to worry me that we haven’t heard anything and our housing deadline is upon us.

It’s times like these where I regret EVER moving into this house and giving those “rent to own” bastards a single red cent of the money we had. Now it’s gone and we have nothing to go on, and who knows if we’ll ever be able to get that money back. It’s definitely not something we can count on, at least not any time in the near future with how long any kind of litigation might take.

We look at houses tomorrow. Out of the 7 we gave our realtor on a list of ones we wanted to look at, only 3 are left. I don’t know if they’re going fast or we were just looking at old listings, but that’s all there is.

Ugh, more stress! Just what I need!

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