Isn’t it always about money?

With our current situation, our money problems are only going to get worse if Thomas doesn’t land a new job (no pressure or anything). Every house we’ve looked at that’s a decent size and in a decent location is at least $175 more per month than we’re paying now.
The last time we found ourselves in a pinch, I started this blog and started doing online surveys- but even with all that- i’m not raking in the cash. It’s a little more than pocket change, but it isn’t much. Something is better than nothing I always say, but still, i’m always looking for more ways to make extra income.

Looking online, I always seem to find interesting ways to get rich. Sites that will show you how to save money, make more, optimize what you have, invest. It makes for an interesting read, for sure, and once I finally finish my book (getting close!) I may have to take some of those tips and put them into action.

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