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Hurt neck aside, it doesn’t change the fact that a week from tomorrow, we will be moving. I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet. Even with the boxes quickly stacking up in the dining room, the walls bare, the cabinets empty-  still it hasn’t fully sunk in that in a week, this house will no longer be our home. Everything we put into it, all the time spent here, will be gone.

Even though it hurts to do anything, I can’t have our moving experience to be a disaster like it has been the last two times, so i’m on top of my game. I have nearly the entire kitchen minus what we use every day packed up and ready to go. All of our decorations, boxed, It actually got to the point today where I didn’t even know what to pack anymore, i’d packed so much, and my neck was BEGGING me to stop and sit down… but I couldn’t. It’s a weird non-pregnant nesting type feeling.

Since I couldn’t find anything else to pack up, I did the laundry, I baked a dessert, and then I cooked and baked dinner. I am on a ROLL!

I almost wish we were moving tomorrow instead, just to get this crap over with already. I’m excited to get into the new house, flaws and all, and make it our own. Get the hell OUT of this cursed house, regardless of all the work we did to it, the hours we spent laboring on paint and caulking and decorating. It’s really gotten us nowhere, and maybe somewhere new will finally break the curse and good things will come our way.

To go from thinking we were going to buy this house to be kicked out on our asses and have to find a new temporary place to go… I think i’m still in a little but of shell shock over it. SO much has happened in this house. From the weird “haunting” experiences, the remodeling, losing my mom’s money because it got swindled away by thieving lying assholes, having Parker and all of his ailments, watching my kids grow up… So much bad and so much good. I’m just ready to close this chapter and begin a new one, even though it will sting once everything is removed from this place, to actually close the door and walk away for the last time, and know that this house will be sitting vacant for Lord only knows how long when we could easily stay…

Yeah, I really don’t know what to think about the whole thing. Sadness and excitement, it’s hard to reconcile.

I AM, however, VERY excited about having a bigger kitchen. Maybe not nicer as far as appliances go, but not so cramped that two people are constantly burning each other with pots and pans because of the cramped space and NO counter space. I’m excited for the vision I have for it, and tomorrow we’re going antiquing to hopefully find the perfect (and relatively cheap) retro diner table to complete the vision. If that happens, EVERYTHING will come together, and I will be pretty damn happy about the move. We also found out that with the move, while Holden will have to change preschools, he won’t be wait-listed… although I still haven’t decided whether or not I want him to go yet. Blah. Yet another big decision to make with no time to make it in!

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