The hunt continues

To categorize today as discouraging would be a severe understatement of the facts.

The list of 7 houses we liked that got dwindled down to 3, today got dwindled even more down to 1. ONE house left in our price range for rent in the entire area (that isn’t in a scary part of the city). We went to look at it and were met with about 10 other people looking at it at the same time, four of which we overheard saying they would be putting in their applications and money down on it later today. There goes that house. Anyone with better credit than us (which is nearly everyone) would have a better shot at getting the house, so what would even be the point?

While we have until Sep 10th to technically find a place to move, I do NOT want to be scrambling at the last second to still be looking for a house and ending up with absolutely nowhere to go. That would be an absolute nightmare of epic proportions.

On our way home from that disaster, we picked up a newspaper to see if MAYBE there were houses for rent there that weren’t on the MLS, and were greeted with two we hadn’t seen listed before.
Both of which are on the absolute top end of what we can MAYBE afford, but they are in a decent area, not so bad schools, and are the right size. We called them both, both are still available (finally!), but the bigger of the two already has “someone interested”, but is listed by a family and not by a real estate agency. The other is from one of those, which means a credit check, and they will want 2 years rental history and we do NOT have that. We could get it from the bank for the past year, but the year before that we rented through the company who swindled all of our money and now refuses to even answer our phonecalls. I don’t know if any property management company will rent to us thanks to those rat bastards. Our best bet is the house that is for rent by owner…. but the man who answered the phone sounded SO old that I worry his house is that old, too.

Space is great, but a house that is old and decrepit and falling apart on the inside is not.

I thought I was reaching the limit of my stress threshold last night, but it has increased exponentially today. If things go south tomorrow, I really feel like I might panic.

We HAVE to find a house, and sooner rather than later.

I just hope no one else gets wind of the two we found and snatches them out from under us like they did the other 7 we liked before we can even look at them. UGH. Why are there SO many renters in this area? Why are there SO many vacant houses for sale when they could just rent and cover their mortgage and help us out at the same time?

Again I ask you to cross your fingers for us. If we like either of those houses tomorrow, you better believe I am running to the bank, withdrawing money, and then slamming it down in front of the owners.

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