House hunting in the Twilight Zone

Since we found out that our 60 day notice to GTFO wasn’t a mistake, our leisurely browsing through the rental homes in the area has kicked into a full on house hunt. I hate hunting for rentals, let me just start out by saying that. There are never many options to come by, and with the EXTREME steal we’ve been getting on this house per month since the bank snatched it out from under us, everything else seems like the prices are astronomical.

After going through all of the listings on the MLS and not finding all that much to go off of that we can actually afford, we decided to drive around the decent neighborhoods to see if anyone is renting their houses out themselves. We live near a growing university, so you’d be surprised how many of those you can find.

We love our neighborhood, but saw ZERO rentals on the MLS for anything even close to us, so that was our main target. We don’t want to leave, we love this area and how safe and quiet it is, and the elementary school is probably the best in the city. Somehow we didn’t realize that our neighborhood is the Twilight Zone. Our street and the streets in front of ours are normal houses, but two streets back? MILLION DOLLAR WATER FRONT MANSIONS!
No joke, I have never seen houses that big in my entire life outside of television. How a neighborhood can go from normal to rich in two streets flat blows my mind.

And because of that, all the houses we found that were for rent (that weren’t ridiculously huge) ended up being WAY out of our price range. Even houses smaller than this one. Even houses farther away from the water.
I was really hoping we would luck out and find a house right within this area so not only would our move be simple, but generally speaking, we’d get to “stay.”

There are still MANY streets we did not explore, so there’s still a chance, but I have a feeling we’ll turn a corner and get smacked in the face with mansions again. Talk about a blow to the ego.
People always say the city we live in is “ghetto” and no one ever wants to live here- come take a look at my neighborhood two streets back from my house- it would seem the definition of ghetto is not the same from one area to the next. ‘Cause i’d be proud to live in that ghetto.

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