The hottest week of the year

In all my life, I can’t remember a week as hot as this past one. It is SO hot that you can SEE the haze hanging over the area. So hot that I swear my teeth were sweating. Temperatures soaring above 100 with the heat index hitting 115- it’s outrageous!

Yesterday was by far the hottest day i’ve ever experienced, but today wasn’t far behind it… and of course we had to choose today to go antiquing in search of our 1950’s retro dinner table. We’ve searched high and low, and come up basically empty handed. Either the tables we find are too far away to acquire, too expensive to even consider, or already sold (that one stung!)
We have one of the owners of an antique shop almost specifically dealing in the 1950s era calling his collectors to see if they are willing to sell any of their tables, but there’s no guarantee that they either will, or that if they do, it will be affordable to us.

We move in a week, and while we bought a small table, it just isn’t big enough. Really, I bought it just for the 2 chairs it came with, with plans to re-sell the table.

Driving around in the heat today was nearly unbearable. As soon as you stepped outside the car, the sweat began. As I read today via Facebook, “It felt like Satan’s asshole.”

We drove all over our city, the city over, hitting every consignment shop, antique store, and thrift store we could find… and found NOTHING! No retro, no art deco, nothing even resembling the 1950s era. Disappointing to say the absolute least.

It wasn’t until very late in the day, the boys had already missed their naps, and we were driving back toward our house when we decided to stop at ONE more thrift store, just in case. I sent Thomas in because getting the kids out of the car so many times had just become a pain in the ass. A few minutes after he went in, I got a text message with a picture… a green 1950’s diner table with chrome siding. BINGO! And only $50! No chairs, of course, but we already have two, so all we need now are two more.

We immediately took it to the new house, because it’s not like we need to bring it here only to move it in less than a week, and it looks perfect in the kitchen. Bright yellow countertops and a nice green table. It may not sound like it goes, but once I get everything in place, i’ll show you how well it’s all going to work out.

I’m getting more excited to get the hell out of this house- I only wish we’d spent some time packing today… because now this coming week is going to be a serious scramble to get everything done. Anyone care to help?

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