Horribly exhausted

Currently I am so tired that I feel nauseous. I didn’t do really any of the heavy lifting, or lifting at all, but i’ve been moving nonstop since Friday night, regardless of pain, to get our crap packed and moved and then unpacked.

There is SO much to do I can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our new garage is packed to the brim with stuff that should be in the house, and the stuff that is in the house is cluttering up every single free area. The office hasn’t even been started, the kitchen is a total nightmare, our clothes haven’t been unpacked. We were up until 2am last night trying to organize things and set things up to make the house livable during the unpacking process and it feels like nothing got done.

I’m sitting on the floor of the living room right now because I can’t find an open plug close enough to the couch to be able to sit on it, paranoid about one of the boys waking up upstairs. Partially because I don’t want them falling down them (even though we have it blocked off pretty good), and partially because I don’t want to have to run up the stairs; my calves hurt and i’m just too tired to do it unless i’m planning on crashing in the bed.

Ugh. I just can’t wait for the house to be in order and to be able to completely relax… and I know I should be helping to move that along now, but I just don’t think I have the energy.

At least we’re here, all of our stuff is here, the hardest part is done.

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