The date is set

Whenever we’ve had issues with this house in the past- and we’ve had a lot- they always had a silver lining.
Sure, we lost the house the first time because the morons who owned the house were pocketing our money, but the bank came back and let us rent it for even cheaper.

When we got the letter in the mail over the holiday weekend that we had 60 days to vacate because our lease was being terminated, we had hoped it was another one of this situations. Maybe it was some kind of clerical error, it wouldn’t be the first time. Maybe it was an issue with a rent check we had sent in that THEY failed to cash until the 9th, making it seem like we were making late payments when we weren’t.
There had to be SOME kind of reason behind our lease being terminated that could be cleared up. We of course knew the time for us to move would eventually come, but we didn’t think it would be so abrupt. We had hoped to be able to stay here as long as we could, just because the rent was so cheap.

After having our calls avoided for nearly a week, we finally got a hold of property management today, and unfortunately, the answer was now the one we were hoping to get.

Turns out, the bank is “liquidating their assets”- our house just happens to be one of those, meaning it’s true- we have to get out. And there’s no moving assistance like there would have been the last time we were told we may have to move. We get nothing. Just 60 days notice to find somewhere else to be, and that’s it.

We have until September 10th to move out. Right around the boys birthdays. For the second birthday in a row, we’re not sure where we’re going to be. We received a last second reprieve and got to stay last year, that’s not gonna happen this year.

I’m pissed, obviously; moving is the LAST thing on earth I want to have to do. And every house we’ve looked at has been more expensive, or far smaller than where we are now, or in a shady neighborhood, or has a bad elementary school. We hand picked this house BECAUSE of the school. I’m really not sure what we’re going to do, or if we can find anything suitable, not just for us- but for Holden’s education.

It’s bullshit all around.

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