Bedtime Dramatics

It just took a good 20 minutes to get both boys into bed, and there’s no guarantee they won’t get up again.

We’ve gotten through the first stages of bed time refusal since moving Parker into a toddler bed.
From thinking the bed was a toy, to getting up a million times in 10 minutes (which still happens). We’ve even learned to deal with the asscrack of dawn wake ups because Parker thinks 6am is a great time to be up for the day.

All of these things, while annoying, can be handled rather easily.

The new turn of events? Not so much.

For the past week, 10 minutes after going to bed, Holden insists on getting up to take a pee. Even though he has JUST gone pee before going to bed every single night. Him getting up and making this huge production out of using the restroom in turn wakes Parker up. So then we have both kids up and roaming the hallway, neither of whom want to go back to bed once they’re up.

From there, the bed time antics have spiraled out of control. With Holden getting up, and waking Parker up, now Parker has gotten it into his head that instead of going to bed to begin with, that he should be allowed to stay up and play every night.
Try to tell him no, just try. It will not be a pleasant reaction you’ll receive.

Tonight, for instance, he went into complete meltdown mode. Foot stomping, screaming, refusing to walk, sitting against a wall- the whole shebang.
After screaming in bed and getting up two times, and then insisting on going into Holden’s room, which made Holden wake up and insist on peeing- we finally got them both down- hopefully for the night.

I already have a pounding headache- this happening every night and it may explode.

I;m keeping my fingers crossed that whatever house we move into has more space between bedrooms, and more space between those bedrooms and the living room. Night time would be so peaceful with more room.

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