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There are many things I consider myself… crafty has NEVER been one of those. Creative? Sure, but actually putting creative thoughts to action other than on paper or with a musical instrument? Heck no. I can’t even figure out how to do crafts with the kids (which I have a tinge of mommy guilt about).

The things that I can imagine doing to the new house to make it awesome all take craftsmanship that I don’t have… this bothers me.

I want to take cheese graters and colanders and jelly molds and turn them into light fixtures. The process as explained online seems so simple. You cut a hole in the top (with a metal cutting machine that I don’t have and have never used), then feed a wire through it that connects to a lightbulb attachment… and you have to solder the two things together. I have not used a soldering iron since I was in the 8th grade, and even then I wasn’t very good about it. I’m likely to burn the house down if I even attempt to make my own light fixtures… or cut a finger off. Buying the things already made, though, costs $45 or more… for a freakin $3 piece of cookware and a .50 light cord. C’mon!!

To prevent house fire and personal maiming, I may have to just stick with what i’m good at for now: painting.

I’ve been collecting old metal bundt pans, but the colors I want are hard to come by… so i’m just going to take some of the ones I have and paint them the colors I want. TADAA! If the paint chips and starts to come off, even better, because I like them looking old and beat up.

Hopefully some of the crap i’ve listed on Craigslist will sell and i’ll be able to buy a ridiculously expensive re-purposed light fixture- Oh please!!

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