Who knew new pajamas could make you feel like a new person

In life, i’ve never fully understood buying expensive pajamas. I mean, sure, when you have the money- why not? But otherwise, it’s the thought of “why spend exorbitant amounts of money on something no one is ever going to see you wearing?”
If all i’m going to do is roll around in bed in it, i’m certainly not going to waste hard earned money that I could be spending elsewhere on it.

This mindset became even more prevalent once I had kids and the cash flow came to a screeching halt.

Since then, my pajamas have consisted of things i’ve either owned since highschool, or things that have become so worn out and/or stained that I refuse to wear them out in public.
In essence, I became the frumpy mom. The type to go to Walmart in sweats and not even bother brushing my hair. The complete opposite of who I actually am, but I just haven’t been able to care enough to suck it up and spend money on anything new.

It wasn’t until I went to pull on a pair of very old shorts (we’re talking so old that I wore them when I was a cheerleader, and that was an entire lifetime ago), only to realize the elastic waistband had completely worn out. COMPLETELY. I couldn’t even keep them up. The entire time I was wearing them, half of my ass was hanging out- and no one wants to see that.
I’ll wear it if it’s ragged and stained, but obviously literally falling off of me isn’t going to cut it- so it was time. Time to get over the cost and buy myself something new… that no one outside of this house will ever see.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy task. I refuse to spend $10 on a pair of shorts, and these days- that is hard to come by.
Luckily I found a store with a SUPER sale going on, and bought myself two pairs of shorts and a pair of pants (because my sleep pants are in dire straights as well, we won’t even go there.)

Who’d have thought that getting myself some stupid shorts would make me feel a million times less frumpy, even if i’m just going to bed. Took ten years off of my life, I swear.

Get out of those frumpy tattered ol’ PJs, ladies, you’ll thank me for it later.

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