We need a bigger house

It’s been clear since Parker was born that we simply need MORE space to live in. It’s not that we don’t comfortably fit in this house, we do, although more space would always be nice. Not just to move around in, but for storage purposes. The amount of toys strewn about the floor on a regular basis is extremely overwhelming. No matter how many you put away, the bins are always overflowing, and there’s always 100 more that won’t fit anywhere. We have too many clothes, too much furniture, not enough space… not enough counter space in the kitchen. It’s crowded.

All of that could be dealt with, we’ve lived in smaller spaces before. I can deal with clutter.

It’s when the sleeping arrangements come into play that the trouble really begins. The boys have their own rooms, we gave up our office space once Parker was about to be born to give him his own room. I can’t even imagine the disaster our house would be if we tried to get both boys to sleep in one room together… talk about a nightmare of epic proportions!

The main problem is how close proximity out living room is to the bedrooms.

From where i’m sitting right now, Parker’s room is only about 20 feet away. Our living room is wide open, and I can see clearly all of the bedroom doors. This means that any move anyone makes can be heard by anyone else in the house no matter where they are.
It didn’t seem like much of an issue until we moved Parker into a toddler bed. Before, if there was any noise, he might stir, but he couldn’t go anywhere- so he’d be forced to just go back to sleep.
Now he has a way out, so any time he feels like it, he gets up. And there’s noise all the time, because neither I nor Thomas can sit in silence from 9pm until whenever we go to bed for the evening. I’m always as quiet as I can be, but it’s never quiet enough.

We figured over time that Parker would become acclimated to his bed, and just accept that bed time is bed time, and stay down once we put him down after he got used to it. Nope! The longer he’s been in the bed, the more often he gets up at night. One time, two times, five times. A minute after he’s put down, 10 minutes, 3 hours. It doesn’t seem to matter. He is up, CONSTANTLY!

I am positive that if we had a bigger house, or even if the bedrooms were located farther away from the living room, that this would be a non-issue. There would be relative silence if the bedrooms had their own hallway away from the main room of the house, so Parker would never hear any movement… and would never get up.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, and unless the bank up and decides to boot us randomly, we’ll be here for as long as they let us because the monthly rent is so cheap.

It’s honestly tempting to stick the kid back in his crib just so we don’t have to deal with the up and down and up and down fight with him every night all night, but i’m aware that it would do more harm than good, and he just needs to accept that bed time is BED TIME, regardless of whether he’s caged into his bed or not.

As if I wasn’t already getting shitty sleep from him waking up at 6am every morning now, but now he isn’t going to sleep for good until after midnight… taking even more sleep away from me, and from him. He is NOT HAPPY when he doesn’t get a full night’s rest, and neither am I!

Currently, I am so paranoid of him sneaking out of his room for the billionth time tonight already that I keep snapping my head over to look at his doorway thinking he’s coming out of it, and i’m always surprised when he isn’t.

What I wouldn’t give for ONE night where I got 8 hours of sleep! It’s been years!

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