Two for the price of one

Now that we have a speech therapist coming out to the house once a week, I figured it would give us extra time to discuss some issues I think Holden may be having with his.

He has a huge vocabulary, is very smart- but there are a few letters he has ALWAYS said wrong, and while I know there are soft pallet issues with a lot of young kids, I thought by now it seemed a little strange for him still to be making the same mistakes. Since I don’t know if it’s normal or not, asking the expert seemed like the smartest idea.

The issues are with Holden’s Rs and Ls. He changes both, 90% of the time, into W’s. It gives him the Barbara Walters effect when he talks. It’s the main reason a lot of people don’t understand him when he talks. I of course have no issue doing so, but only because i’m used to it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t drive me insane.

Red= Wed
Light= Wight
Ready= Weady
Really= Reawwy

As much as i’ve tried to correct the way he says these things on my own, nothing has seemed to help. He just doesn’t seem to grasp the placement of his tongue behind his teeth. When I try to show him, he goes crazy with the tongue and makes the word sound even worse.

Suspicions confirmed today during our therapy session. She said that by this age, he likely should have grown out of it. She had noticed it before, but hadn’t said anything- and to her it seems like he has a lazy tongue (my words, not hers). It just doesn’t move as much as it should when he talks.

We pulled out the mirror that we bought for Parker’s therapy, and started showing Holden in the mirror how to say the letter “L”
He did MUCH better that way, but only on the single letter. Once he starts saying words, it’s right back to Babwa Wawa again.

Just like Parker, it’s going to take a lot of work for Holden

Under the suggestion of the therapist, i’m going to either buy or make Holden a piggy bank. Then every time he says a word correctly instead of cowwectwy- he gets a penny to put in the bank… and Holden LOVES money so i’m hoping this will give him the kick in the ass he needs to pay more attention to his tongue placement. As if, right?

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