That went far, far worse than expected

Of all the terrible things I thought could come out of today’s appointment with the orthopedist, all the awful ways I anticipated it could go, I never imagined it to go as badly as it did. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would walk out of that office feeling angrier than i’ve felt in a VERY long time, but that’s where I am now.

First off, when I tried to explain everything Parker has been through leading up to where he is now, I was looked at like I was a total idiot, even though everything I said has been confirmed by a dozen medical professionals. The orthopedist we saw today was the least friendly doctor i’ve ever encountered, and i’ve encountered a LOT of unfriendly doctors over the past few years. This guy far surpassed them all with his cold demeanor and condescending tone toward me,.

Without even much of a look at Parker, he basically wrote him off, but insisted on a hip and leg x-ray just to dot all of his I’s and cross his T’s. Of course, those came back completely normal.

We were then told that there was nothing he could to do help correct Parker’s legs, even though TWO therapists and a case manager all insisted this would be exactly what Parker needed. Not according to him. Braces won’t help, he said, because Parker’s issues are not in his legs. How you can look at Parker’s legs and tell me there isn’t a problem there blows my mind. Not in his legs, he said, but in his brain. He kept menacingly pointing at Parker’s head, saying he has neurological issues, and saying that instead of seeing an orthopedist, that we should be seeing a developmentalist, because it’s “clear” that Parker has serious developmental issues.
To put it simply, he was calling Parker retarded.

I’m so mad even typing it that i’m having trouble even putting it all into words. 8 months of therapy, multiple evaluations by multiple different therapists and not a single one has EVER said Parker had any kind of developmental issues like that. Yes, he’s delayed in speech and with his eating, but anyone who takes 5 minutes to get to know him can tell how incredibly bright he is.

To call my kid a neurological problem in the snap of the fingers blows my fucking mind.

Any time I tried to question the asshole, he just kept speaking slower to me as if I was too stupid to understand what he was saying. I understood, I just DIDN’T AGREE.
Will he ever walk normally? Who knows! This guy didn’t give a shit. “Well I don’t know what you mean by normal”
Are you kidding me? I mean with his feet straight forward, not curling onto the insides of his feet, not hyper-extending his right leg. THAT’S what I mean by normal, you idiot.

I’m angry, and i’m upset, and i’m disgusted, and I want a second opinion.
If you know of any good orthopedists in my area, please pass the name along to me.

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