Speech therapy: this is going to be interesting

Last week we got a call that we had finally secured a speech therapist for Parker. I had the impression that it was going to take a month or two, but for once, it was fast.

Our first appointment was today, and I had never met the therapist before (the woman who did his evaluation had no spots open for any more clients), so yet again, I had no idea what to expect. Eating therapy is a relatively simple process, some weird exercises, but mostly just food play. Speech therapy is going to prove much more challenging for us all.

The woman assigned to us is serious about her business. She’s not only a speech pathologist but an eating therapist as well- so she’s well rounded for a kid like Parker. She assigns homework, activities, weird exercises… and has suggested I basically turn my house on its head in order to not allow free reign for Parker anymore so that when he wants something, he will have to ask.

While that sounds easy, it’s not so much when you see our house. As much as we try to keep things in certain places, having two kids my kids ages means it all gets destroyed in 5 seconds flat. We have so many toys there is nowhere to put them anymore. I have no idea how exactly to do what she has asked.
She also wants me to take all of Parker’s favorite things and put them in separate bags, and put the bags into a box. I can’t honestly remember why, because the kids were both running around the house screaming “YAYAYAYAYAYA”, but I don’t think it will be something Parker is pleased about, especially not his snuggler, another thing she suggested I lock away so he has to ask for it.

I can just tell with Parker’s temperament that this isn’t going to be a fun or an easy process. I know the therapist will try to MAKE it fun for him, but I don’t think she knows him well enough to understand really what he’s like yet.
That’s not to say I won’t do any of those things- I will- I just have a feeling it’s going to be ugly.

On the bright side, she’s nice, Parker doesn’t hate her, and if she has so many ideas of how to help him then there’s a strong chance it’s going to work. She also confirmed that Parker’s walking issues are NOT neurological, and suggested another orthopedist to go to.
And just one more confirmation: She told me that “force feeding” Parker when he was an infant and refused to consume any fluid was the absolute right thing to do.

Guess we’ll see how it goes next week, since she also thinks we should have weekly visits instead of bi-weekly.

This is definitely going to be interesting.

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