The sleep insanity continues

This transition into the toddler bed is going to be a little more of a bitch than I originally anticipated.

The new found freedom to be able to get up whenever the hell he wants seems to have made Parker go a little power crazy.

It’s not just the repeated running out of bed after being put down (4 times tonight in 10 minutes), it’s the waking up before the sun that’s really getting to me- and to him.
I prefer to get as much sleep as I possibly can, which isn’t even much when the kids AREN’T waking up early- but with Parker jumping out of his bed at around 6am, I am getting even less, and so is he… and neither of us are fans.

Today he got up so early that by lunch time, he was basically hysterical because he was so exhausted. Getting him to eat ANYTHING when he’s that tired is next to impossible, so after fighting with him for 30 minutes, I gave up and went to wash the dishes.
When I returned, I found him sprawled out on the living room floor (on his boppy of course) passed OUT. All attempts to wake him (since it was a good 25-30 more minutes until his regular nap time) were futile.

Being too tired from the early morning wake up to listen to his hysterics if I forced him awake… I put a blanket over him and walked away.
I checked my e-mail, Holden played with cars for a while- and Parker didn’t stir a single time. I even got Holden down for a nap (which is a pretty loud production) and Parker didn’t budge.

He slept like that from 1:40-2:30, and then once he groggily woke up, I picked him up and he went back to sleep on me until nearly 3:30, and even waking him up then was like pulling teeth. I do believe that’s the longest nap he’s ever taken.

As much as I appreciated the very long mid-day break, i’d really prefer him to sleep longer in the mornings instead.

Just one more hour, that’s all I ask!!

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