I feel angry… and duped. And I know the Casey Anthony case has nothing to do with me, has no impact on my life, but I feel so involved with it, so determined to get justice for little Caylee, that I feel like i’m right there in the court room fighting for her.

I knew once the defense started presenting their side of the case that it would be an absolute shit show, but I also knew that when it came down to it- they had nothing. And for the most part I was right. Their witnesses have either been experts that aren’t really experts, or experts that were turned into witnesses for the prosecution instead once cross-examination by the prosecution began, or they’re just fame whores looking for their 15 minutes. Even when the “bad” stuff came to play, like when Roy Kronk or his bloodlusting ex wife took the stand, or the fame-whoring story changing “mistress” of George Anthony took the stand, that it would get turned around on cross. Jeff Ashton just has that kind of knowledge and power.

What I didn’t expect was for Cindy Anthony to get on the stand and perjur herself to save Casey. I have noticed her glossing over things she’s said in the past the last few times she took the stand, but still I felt bad for her. She seemed so distraught, so broken down. She’s aged so much in the past few years from stress, but she has always stood behind Casey when it came right down to it. I guess there is a bond between mother and daughter that even murder can’t break. Something Casey didn’t understand for her own child, unfortunately.

When she got on the stand and claimed that SHE was the one who did the internet searches for chloroform, my jaw hit the floor. She said she was not at work when her work records said she was, and then went on this long detailed and ridiculous explanation of WHY she made those searches.
A head nurse really needs to research what the ingredients are for hand sanitizer? Couldn’t she just go and pick up the bottle and look at the ingredients herself?
She claims Casey was home and that they “switched off”- but the internet searches show that 8 seconds after chloroform was searched for, myspace was pulled up. And Cindy had claimed before that she didn’t have a myspace then and had no idea how to work it. Then another search for chloroform, and then 15 seconds later, photobucket, which only Casey had an account on.
How do you explain that? Even if I AM to believe that Cindy was home searching for those things, I can’t wrap my mind around the searches surrounding the ones for “chloroform”, or the amount of times it was searched for, and the one thing Cindy did not take responsibility for was “how to make chloroform”- so who made that search?
Defense failed at proving there were not high levels of chloroform and decomposition in the trunk of Casey’s car- so how do you explain it?

I realize that this is a mother trying to save her daughter from the death penalty, but it still makes me sick to think that maybe because of this crap, and because the jurors don’t get to see all the things that everyone who ISN’T sequestered does, that Casey Anthony could walk free, or get a much lighter sentence than she deserves.

And I know that the defense case is just going to get more ugly- and if Cindy can lie on the stand, what’s next? George copping to molestation that never happened?

I have faith in the prosecution and especially Jeff Ashton, and I have faith that on rebuttal they’re going to blow this shit out of the water. I’m not aiming for the death penalty here, but I don’t believe that Casey Anthony ever deserves to see the light of day again.

I apologize for writing about this so often! I swear once this case is over, I won’t ever mention it again! I just can’t help but to get caught up in it when Caylee when she died was in between the ages of my 2 boys now.

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