Sentimentality or Hoarding?

When we came home from Disney, we came home with a LOT of stuff. Pamphlets, maps, stickers, books, event schedules, luggage tags… so on and so forth.

I feel sort of attached to all of these things. I don’t know why- in the end, what are they other than junk? They aren’t pictures, but they, to me, are things to remember the trip by. I like having them around to look at but have NO idea what to do with them.

Since we got home, they’ve just been hanging around wherever I have room for them in a folder that is falling apart because the stuff i’ve shoved into it is far too much for the weak little folder to contain.

I don’t scrapbook and have no interest in doing so. I already made our photobook, and even still have a regular album I bought while at Disney to put the overflow pictures in (since there was NO way I could fit all of the good ones into one book).

By keeping these things, does it make me a potential hoarder, or just too sentimental for my own good? Or are those two things dangerously close to being the same thing?

I don’t typically form a sentimental attachment to PAPER products- but this was our special family trip to Disney and I want to remember as much about it as I can, even if it is stupid stuff like a map of our resort, or buttons saying “First visit!”
Should I just get a box and decorate it in Disney things and store it somewhere to go back and look at it later, maybe with a few pictures? Or do I just suck it up and toss it all?

It has to go SOMEWHERE, because currently it’s taking up about 75% of my counter space in the kitchen, and we have very limited counter space to begin with.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

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  • I like your box suggestion. I have a filing cabinet and in the way back of it is a collection of all of the bits and pieces of things that I can’t part with. I have boxes for the girl’s things that I don’t know what to do with but I don’t want to get rid of. It will be fun to rediscover it later on in the back of a closet and you’ll be glad you kept it.