Rhyme, but no reason

Holden has gone through many phases in his life so far since he learned to speak. Some of which were cute, but most after the first few days became incredibly irritating. There is such a thing as too much.

At first it was the mockingbird phase, where he repeated absolutely everything he heard us say. Over and over again. I liked to call it the Bart Simpson Effect. He hears one thing that he knows is naughty, and proceeds to say it over and over and over again until he just can’t say it anymore, or until he learned something new to repeat. The worst example was him telling other little kids “you’re being a dick!”
We learned to stop saying interesting (to him) things in front of him anymore after that.

Then came the “I don’t want to!” phase. Everything you asked him was answered with an “I don’t want to!” It was never “no” for Holden, always that he didn’t want this, or that, or anything.

After that came the “why” phase, which we are still in. Everything you tell him to do, “why?”, you answer him, it’s met with another “why?”
After the billionth time, you find yourself morphing into your parents by having nothing left to respond with other than “because I said so!”

And now, on top of that, he’s starting rhyming. I wish we’d never taught him, because now it is ALL he does. Everything he says ends in a rhyme. Every song he sings, he makes every word rhyme, even when it isn’t supposed to. And not even with real words, but fake words. Rhyming gibberish, have you ever heard such a thing? I have… every single freaking day. I don’t see this phase stopping any time soon, either, since he seems to think it is the most hilarious thing on earth.
I feel like I live in a Dr. Seuss book, it’s absolutely maddening!

Every day I swear I get closer and closer to losing my sanity. The rhyming may just push me over the edge.

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