The prosecution rests.

Today was the day that the state of Florida rested their case in the trial of Casey Anthony, and that worries me. It also marks 3 years since the last time grandmother Cindy ever saw Caylee alive.
While I believe the prosecution built a strong case against her with the evidence presented, I have to wonder why they left so much GOOD evidence out. Evidence that could have made their case even more damning, and nearly irrefutable.
What about the gatorade bottle with the syringe filled with chloroform? What about the fight between Casey and Cindy the night before Caylee went “missing” where Cindy threatened to take custody of Caylee? What about the text message between Casey and her boyfriend a few days before Caylee disappeared where she told him “just a few more days and we can do whatever we want, whenever we want.” What about the diary entry a few days after Caylee went missing written by Casey that said she “made the best decision” and she “just hope the end justifies the means” and that she’s “the happiest” she’s ever been? What about the text message between Casey and friend Amy where Amy said she never should have lent Casey her duct tape because she never got it back?
What about all of that? I pray they are saving all of this for their rebuttal against the defense in the end, to really leave a lasting impression on the jurors and sealing Casey’s fate, but i’m just not sure.
It perplexes me.

Tomorrow marks the day that the defense will begin their part of the case, and it also marks 3 years since the last day Caylee Anthony was ever seen alive.
I hope the prosecution brings their A-game for cross examination, because if the defense’s opening statement is anything like their lines of direct questioning will be- it’s going to be nothing short of an absolute shit show. Spaghetti defense (throwing things at the wall to see what sticks), lies, accusations, completely unbased in every shape or form.

While I realize that the prosecution has the burden of proof upon them, as the defense, with the ridiculous story they’ve told, they also have a hell of a lot to prove. Thus far, there has been absolutely NOTHING to prove that Caylee’s death was an accidental drowning, quite the opposite in fact.

In order to believe the story of lies they’ve weaved. In order to believe Casey Anthony, the perpetual liar, someone would have to disbelieve that the body was ever in the trunk. In order to do that, you’d have to believe that EVERYONE who has taken the stand was wrong. You’d have to think the cadaver dogs were wrong, the dozens of noses that smelled the stench of a rotting body in her car, you’d have to think Dr. G was wrong, you’d have to disbelieve the bug evidence, the decomp. air evidence, the hair band evidence and the two doctors who confirmed it. You would have to believe that George Anthony, the doting grandfather and supportive loving father (shown in all the videos played to the jury), molested his daughter since age 8. George Anthony, the retired detective, instead of performing CPR on Caylee and calling 911 when he supposedly found her dead in the pool, would proceed to duct tape Caylee’s mouth and dump the body to make it look like an accident, and proceed to hide that from his wife for the next 3 years. You would have to believe that someone OTHER than Casey performed the 80-some searches for Chloroform found on the Anthony family computer when NO ONE else was home.
You would have to believe that Roy Kronk, the meter reader, found Caylee’s remains, and then proceeded to hide them for 4 months in order to collect on reward money… even though all evidence shows that Caylee’s remains had been in the woods for SIX months, being scattered and chewed on and buried. You would have to believe that he somehow staged that crime scene.
You would have to believe that Casey, the selfish, spoiled rotten, petulant little brat would sit in prison for THREE years to protect her father, hiding this “accidental drowning”- when she is now throwing him under the bus.

You would have to believe that EVERYONE was wrong except for Casey Anthony- and how could you do that after all of the lies she has told?

I’m sorry, defense, i’m not buying.

My worry isn’t in the evidence, as I believe it’s strong enough to convict- my worry is that the defense is so corrupt, so desperate, so jaded by Casey Anthony (or just so desperate for the lime-light), that they will spew a bunch of bullshit out that is so muddled, so absurd, that it will confuse the jury until they are hung.

If only the jury could see what we see. When they are in the room, Casey is “sobbing”, wiping her fake tears, acting like she is distraught and sad… but once they leave, she is all smiles. Joking and laughing. When they are in the room, she can’t bear to look at the pictures of Caylee’s remains. Once they leave, she glares at them, no emotion whatsoever except anger.
It is the performance of a lifetime, by the best liar on earth- and I hope and pray the jury is smart enough to see through it.

I am nervous about tomorrow. Caylee Anthony deserves justice, and justice will not be served unless Casey Anthony is rotting in a jail cell, waiting for her lethal injection. If I thought she’d give a shit about anything other than herself, i’d give her life in prison- but she has proven that the only person on this earth she cares about is herself.
I sense a lot of objections coming.

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