My thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial

Writing about trials, politics, and other things of the hot button nature is not usually my style. I tend to keep my strong opinions out of my blog on things other than parenting… but being that the Casey Anthony trial has somewhat consumed my mind, and a lot of other minds in America, I feel like I need to expel everything going on in my head before I explode.

I’ll try to keep it short, because if I said everything I wanted to, I could likely write a book on it.

Let me start by saying that I could never be a jury member. Even before this case went to trial, i’d heard a lot about it. Holden was just a baby when little Caylee Anthony went “missing”- so it was something I paid attention to. Since that time, i’ve read depositions, seen the jail videos, read case files, discussed it with others… and after all of my reading and research and conversations- I believe, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Casey Anthony is guilty of 1st degree murder.

When the opening statements began, and the defense attorney (whom I loathe) dropped the bombshell that Caylee was never missing, that she in fact died of an accidental drowning in the family swimming pool, and due to being sexually molested by her father AND brother, Casey never spoke a word about it due to “fear”- I was floored. I couldn’t believe it.
The never being missing part, I believe, I never thought that little girl was kidnapped for one single second- but an accidental drowning? Molestation allegations? It just didn’t sit right with me.

I tried to follow the law, innocent until proven guilty, but I just can’t. After rewatching the videos of her meetings with her family while she was in prison, after listening to her police interrogations and hearing the lie upon lie upon LIE after she was given chance after chance to just tell the “truth” (the one defense is spinning now, anyways), she still held on to the fact that Caylee was kidnapped by a babysitter that never existed.
Months in prison, telling her family that she was SO SURE Caylee would come back home alive, she was SO sure Caylee was ok, telling her father he was the best father and grandfather, how much she loved him and trusted him…

And now suddenly she wants to say she was molested and it was all a terrible accident?

I’m sorry, but a mother who just lost her baby to an accidental drowning would not go out to blockbuster THAT night and rent movies with her boyfriend, and then spend the entire next day in bed with him. She wouldn’t spend the next 31 days partying, stealing money, and making up all kinds of stories about where that little girl was. She wouldn’t act like absolutely NOTHING was wrong.
From what I have heard come out of her mouth, the way she acts and the things she says- she is INCREDIBLY fast to lay the blame on EVERYONE else. To take ZERO responsibility for any of her actions.

If Caylee drowned in the swimming pool, and her father insisted on covering it up- you damn well better believe she’d have thrown him under the bus on day ONE instead of sitting in prison for 3 long years waiting for her case to go to trial before spilling the truth.
It’s all bullshit. And the defense can try to spin it any way they want- but you can’t shake the fact that she is a sociopath and a pathological liar. That she took great pleasure and amusement in lying to people.
You can’t explain away the internet searches for “accidental death”, “neck breaking” and “chloroform” a MONTH before Caylee went “missing”, that only she could have done because no one else was home, and the fact that chloroform was found in Casey’s trunk and by Caylee’s remains. You can’t explain the 5 or so witnesses that have now said they definitely smelled the stench of a decomposed body in Casey’s trunk, a car she admitted to dumping at a gas station. You can’t explain away her lack of any kind of emotion after the fact, the constant lies, and the “me me me” mentality.
And there’s so much more that just can’t be made excuses for.

I often wonder if her defense knows she’s just made up another one of her fantasies, or if they are stupid enough to actually BELIEVE her. They certainly have NO idea what they’re doing from what i’ve seen.

Even IF she was molested, which I do not believe at all, it does not mean she didn’t kill Caylee. There’s just too much evidence, in my opinion, that proves that she did.

My opinion on what really happened to Caylee Anthony?
I think that Casey was selfish, immature, and sociopathic. She cared about no one but herself. She was 22 years old, had friends who had the luxury of going out and partying, and she had nothing. She had a job she had made up and lied about, but no money. She instead, had a little girl to take care of, but couldn’t. Instead she was ripping off her friends and family, and her family was not pleased. Her mother constantly told her she was a terrible mother, and she was right. Her family completely supported Caylee, bought her everything she needed, and Casey couldn’t do that.
This caused serious feelings of anger and jealousy within Casey. And it got to the point where Cindy Anthony threatened to take custody of Caylee (and you can hear one of those threats on the 911 phone call).
In Casey’s mind, there was two options. Either she give custody of Caylee to her mother, or she get rid of her. And in her sick twisted mind, Caylee BELONGED to her, so no one else could have her, ESPECIALLY not her mother (whom she was so angry with). So she chose the latter, and got rid of her.
Now, I don’t know if she’d been drugging Caylee for a long time with “Zanny” AKA Xanax, or if it was a one time deal, but I think in the end, she drugged her, and then duct taped her eyes nose and mouth until Caylee suffocated.

What she did from there I can’t fully figure out. I don’t think the body went in the trunk immediately. I think she borrowed the shovel from the neighbors, and attempted to bury Caylee in the back yard, but once people started noticing Caylee was missing, she dug her up, put her in the trunk, and then moved her and dumped her in the woods. Hence there being no smell one day (when she was driving friends around), and a horrible stench once her parents picked up her car from impound.

Now, in the end, I have no idea if i’m right, all of this is just my conjecture based off of what i’ve read- and it doesn’t matter if I do happen to be correct in my assumptions. It all matters what the jury thinks based on the evidence that is allowed to be presented to them. I just hope and pray the defense doesn’t cloud their minds so much with BULLSHIT that they can’t make sense of any of it.
Scott Peterson was put away based on circumstantial evidence- let’s hope the same goes for Casey Anthony. They can both share a cell in hell.

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