The longest day of the year

According to the news anyways. While I don’t notice the sun being out any longer than usual, it sure has felt like a long ass day!
Whiny kids taking toys and hitting the TV, our last occupational therapy appointment before the speech pathologist takes over full time that was 2 hours later than I thought, making the most tedious dessert on earth with one ingredient less than I thought, the Casey Anthony trial turning into a 3 ring circus and running an hour longer than expected. Just a long, LONG day all around.

There is one good thing that has come out of the long summer days thus far, though.

Today was Parker’s 4th day in underwear full time. I hadn’t expected to move him until I was positive he wouldn’t be messing himself all over the house, but it was a random decision that Thomas and I decided to try, and have just ran with. Other than when we go out, he’s in underwear all day long.

I seriously expected there to be a TON of accidents, because when he was in diapers, even as good as he was doing, he’d still randomly wet himself throughout the day. That hasn’t been the case since he’s been in underwear. There has been NO accidents thus far, and I realize by writing this that i’d be jinxing myself and tomorrow there will likely be accidents running wild, but I thought it was better now than later in the game.
NO accidents! How is that possible?
Even today as I walked into Parker’s room where the boys were playing to see what was going on, I was hit in the face with the strong smell of poop. There’s a trash can in Parker’s room where we sometimes put his messed in diapers, but he hasn’t pooped in a diaper that we’ve thrown in that trash can in a long while, so I immediately assumed he had crapped his pants.

Once I checked his underwear and realized there was nothing there, I was puzzled. Where is the smell coming from? Am I seriously going to have to search for another rogue turd? I’m so tired of playing hide-and-go-seek with poop!

It was potty time at that point anyways, so I took Parker to the bathroom, and sure enough- he crapped in the potty. I have no idea whether he was holding it and waiting for me, or if I had missed having to clean up poopy underwear by a few seconds. Either way I was grateful. Poopy underwear is THE WORST.

I’m honestly just so impressed with Parker. After the rough life he’s had so far, and the nasty comments from that twat burger orthopedist, it’s nice to see him excelling where a lot of other kids aren’t.

The only thing I feel slightly guilty about is that he is in hand me down underwear. What kind of parent puts their kid in used undies?? ME! That’s who! it’s at least Holden’s old underwear, and I know from experience that finding underwear that isn’t in brief form for a kid Parker’s age and size is impossible- and we lucked out with this underwear the first time around, so finding it again would likely be a challenge- so why not use what we already have if it isn’t soiled?
Poor kid, hand me down king! I may have to just go out and search for underwear so he isn’t wearing something that someone else has pissed and shat in.

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