Is it really that time again?

While I realize my life is not all that exciting, but i’ve had a lot going on lately! What with the book, Disney, organizing the photos and creating the photo book (which took FOR EVER and i’m not even done yet), Bush Gardens, and the Casey Anthony trial, i’ve been somewhat preoccupied. I didn’t even realize that in 3 months, it will be the boys birthdays!

By this time last year, I had most of the gifts bought, the theme planned, some of the decorations stashed… probably because I had nothing better to do.
Once it hit me that birthday time was so close, I realized I had not a single clue what to do for it. Last year it was a no brainer. Cars party, duh!
And while i’m sure both boys would love nothing more than yet another Cars party, I can’t see doing the same theme twice- so we’re starting blank.

Our first thought was just to ask Holden what he wanted, and can you guess what he said? CARS! When I told him to choose again, he chose Nemo- which was his 2nd birthday theme, so that’s a no-go as well. The kid sticks with what he knows, I guess. His 3rd choice? Mickey.
Seems simple enough, but then genius Thomas had to go and suggest it be a Western Mickey theme with cowboy boots and hats and the whole shebang, and once Holden heard that- he’s stuck on it.
Thanks a lot, Thomas! Mickey is sold in all places on the face of the earth- but a WESTERN Mickey? Where in the sam hell am I going to find something like that? Especially in party decorations.

Well, if I can make Mater cupcakes from scratch, I suppose I can figure out a cowboy Mickey party that isn’t cheesy or lame… hopefully.

Suppose now I should start thinking about birthday gifts. Other than the guitar that Holden has been begging for for over a year, i’m drawing a blank.

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